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If you want a modern island is the party or even listen to the music, don't worry on Phangan are various natural beaches, that are easy to reach like waterfalls, mountains and fishing spots. The weather in Thailand can be exceedingly tropical, high temperature and wet. Often weather season are designed by monsoons which create three distinct weather seasons in Northern and Central Thailand and 2 differing seasons in Southern Siam. The south-west monsoon around May to October is rainy and cloudy, whereas in northeast monsoon approx Nov to Mar is dry and relatively colder. Like it's neighbour island Koh Tao, Koh Phangan was first found by young people looking for an escape from the overcrowded Samui and today, Koh Phangan has an amazing chooice of things to do, night life, accommodation and spas.

Located in the center of the Surat Thani Province and about 50 minutes from Resort have web sites together with online reservation.

Bungalow Resorts and Hotels on Koh Phangan

Chaloklum Bay Resort Hill Side House Siripun Bungalow First Villa Or Rawarn Resort Morning Star Resort Phangan Ing Phu Resort The Pool Villa Salad Beach Resort Phangan Bayshore Resort Phangan Utopia Resort My Palace Blue Hill Resort Haad Yao Bay View Haad Son Resort Coco Garden Fantasea Resort Haad Yao High Life Thong Lang Bay Bungalow Sunset Cove hacienda backpacker Lighthouse Bungalow Baan Talay Bounty Resort Phangan Centerpoint Charm Beach Resort Puwadee Resort and spa Oceanus Resort Sea Garden 2 Venus Resort Phangan Cottage Bungalow Moonstone Villa (Natural House) Grand Sea Resort Serenity Villas Haad Yao Over Bay Resort See Through Boutique Resort

Accommodation on
Koh Phangan


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Sea View Restaurant  
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View Restaurant
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View Restaurant
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View Restaurant
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View Restaurant
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Sea View
Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, rear view from bungalows



Thong Lang Bay Bungalow

Koh Phangan
Haad Thong Lang
(near beach)

Koh Phangan Map

('Thong Lang Bay Bungalow' on a Satellite Map with information about the surrounding area)

Restaurant Restaurant TV  (in restaurant) TV (in restaurant)  
Prices starting from:   13  US $
    10  Euro
    400  Baht

If you are planning to go to the full moon party in Haad Rin, Thong Lang Bay Bungalow can arrange for you to you get there safe. There are plenty of Taxis which will take you back in the morning and all day long.Nearby you'll find the main ring road in the only 10 Bunglows and restaurant set in the Golf of Chaloklum in a peaceful privacy.

Thong Lang Bay Bungalow is constructed in walking distance the beach, where you are able to experience a postcard like sunset. The resort is a few minutes away from the nearest largervillage.

Near to the Thong Lang Bay Bungalow you will find shopping facilities and a supermarket.

Near to Thong Lang Bay Bungalow you are sure to find many classic outdoor kitchens preparing a great variety freshly cooked traditional foods at bargain prices.

This tropical island at peace with nature nearby you'll find the Golf of Thong Lang which means "Golden Deserted Beach" in the mountain hillside rolling down the Golf of Koh Phangan. Our bungalows offer a peaceful privacy.

Price List:

  Low Season
1.May - 30.Nov
High Season
1.Dec - 30.Apr

Standard air-con Bungalow

800 Baht
20.78 Euro
25.02 US$
1000 Baht
25.98 Euro
31.27 US$

Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Standard air-con Bungalow - all photos for Standard air-con Bungalow

Standard Fan Bungalow

400 Baht
10.39 Euro
12.51 US$
500 Baht
12.99 Euro
15.63 US$

Thong Lang Bay Bungalow, Standard Fan Bungalow - all photos for Standard Fan Bungalow

Family Bungalow

3000 Baht
77.94 Euro
93.81 US$
3500 Baht
90.93 Euro
109.44 US$

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